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Aura and what is it...

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Aura and what is it...

Post  Queen of Cups on Wed Jun 17, 2009 4:32 pm

AURA: Aura The aura is an energy field that surrounds living things. It is our life force. It can also been called the human energy field and morphogenic field
More about the AURA
Auras, auric healing and prana healing

What is the aura? Firstly, its something that I and other psychics see. You may also see it or sense it. You may see a light around a person's head or you may sense somebody's mood.
One could think of it as an atmosphere around the human body- just as the planet earth has an atmosphere.

In short, the aura is an energy field- it's our life force. It takes two forms - the cosmic vibratory energy that is omnipresent in the universe, structuring and sustaining all things and
the specific aura that sustains each human body. You will learn how to draw upon both of these incredible sources of energy.

Recognition of the fact that humans are surrounded by an aura dates back millennia- Christian saints are of course traditionally shown with a halo around the head, the ancient Egyptians
did the same for their gods or important human beings as did the Hindus, Buddhists, Greeks and Romans. And these beliefs continue right up to the present day. The aura is generally
recognised as having seven layers. Most psychics only see the first three- those closest to the physical body. The outer auric layers are concerned with the soul and spirit whereas the inner
auric layers relate to mind, emotions and health.

The aura is shaped like an egg made of fibrous light surrounding the whole of the body. To some, it is like a heat haze radiating all around the person shimmering with light and energy.
It has every colour imaginable including those that are beyond the visible spectrum. Or in the words of Sir Winston Churchill "I expect orange and vermilion will be the darkest and dullest
colours and beyond them will be a whole range of wonderful new colours which will delight the celestial eye."

The colours of the Aura